An incredibly detailed fan diorama depicts theElden Ring items for sale scene in which the Tarnished face off against the dragon Agheel. This epic battle has been brought to life thanks to the efforts of the fan.



A fan of the video game Elden Ring has painstakingly created a diorama depicting the battle against the Agheel dragon boss. A lowly Tarnished has a chance of running into Agheel, one of the many dragons that can be found in the Lands Between. Agheel was also one of the first bosses that players saw during the closed network test for Elden Ring. Agheel is not as frustrating as other bosses in the Elden Ring, such as Rennala, but like any other trial in the Elden Ring, she has the ability to kill an unwary Tarnished if she is treated with disrespect.

The notoriously challenging Soulsborne game series by FromSoftware includes, with very few exceptions, a game entry that serves as the home to multiple dragons. Dragons have always been some of the most terrifying foes in these games, from the terrifying Dragon God in the original Demon Souls to the treacherous Seath the Scaleless in Dark Souls. Elden Ring is no different; dragons continue to be some of the most terrifying foes in this game as well. It could be argued that dragons play a less significant part in the lore of Elden Ring than they do in the Dark Souls series, but the presence of these awe-inspiring creatures in the open world of The Lands Between makes for a significantly more perilous adventure because of how much space these massive creatures need to move around in. Naturally, dragons were one of many things that were improved after Elden Ring's open-world game map was implemented, as a significant portion of the Soulsborne experience felt revitalized as a result of this bold decision. Many people have shown their appreciation for Elden Ring by creating a variety of fan works, as one might expect given the recent success of the series, which has led to an increase in the fanbase's size as well as its level of originality.

A fantastic and detailed Elden Ring diorama featuring Flying Dragon Agheel was one of the fan works that drew the attention of PCGamesN, which recently published a story about it. According to PCGamesN, a Reddit user named TheChondroCompany recreated the battle between Agheel and a single Tarnished at Agheel Lake in Limgrave in a way that was both accurate and impressive. TheChondroCompany uses a variety of materials to bring to life this epic confrontation, in contrast to the majority of fan-made sculptures or 3D art tributes, which typically only make use of a single medium, such as this impressive LEGO build of Elden Ring's Walking Mausoleum. The base environment of the diorama was created by combining foam, resin, and plaster. The vast majority of the diorama's foliage was obtained from diorama specialty stores or was found in the local environment. Agheel and the Tarnished that is mounted on the Torrent are both 3D-printed models that, along with the rest of the diorama, have been painted very skillfully. The most arresting of all of them is Agheel's impressive dragon fire effect, which he created by wrapping painted cotton around an LED light. The glintstone staff used by The Tarnished has a subtle LED effect built into it as well.

Within a little more than half a year, members of the Soulsborne community, both veterans and newcomers, have already paid tribute to Elden Ring items for sale through the creation of artwork, sculptures, cosplays, and even demakes for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is likely that creative fans will be given a great deal more material to work with after the rumors of upcoming Elden Ring DLC entitled Badlands emerged as a result of a hack perpetrated against Bandai Namco. Naturally, the content that is included in the base game of cheap Elden Ring runes continues to be a rich source of ideas, and TheChondroCompany already has a few concepts in mind for the next diorama. These concepts range from the Turtle Pope to the Radahn Festival.

Although it is not possible to confirm whether or not the  fanbase will receive additional content in the future, the community has already produced a number of wonderful pieces of fan-made content that has been available for enjoyment over the course of the past few months. Even though FromSoftware has already stated that it is working on multiple new projects, it is currently unknown which of these projects will be a new game that will carry on the illustrious legacy of Elden Ring. It is highly unlikely that fans will stop being inspired by the experience that Elden Ring has provided any time in the near future. However, the future of the Soulsborne games and other projects being worked on by FromSoftware remains shrouded in mystery.


The fireplace blast in particular appears to be particularly lovely, and it appears that PS Elden Ring Runes (see coupons) is simply cotton wrapped around an LED


- "Just" is one way to phrase it, given that the diorama is typically constructed from materials such as foam and resin; however, it is the ability and vision of TheChondroCompany that brought the entirety of it to life

- The actual Agheel is a 3D-printed model, and the same is true for the Prisoner character who is sneaking up on the boss from below

- The Reddit thread contains a number of additional photographs taken from a variety of unique vantage points

It is a work of art that is truly breathtaking, and TheChondroCompany is currently taking suggestions for the next structure it should build. All of the relevant procedures, including the Radahn Festival, a Walking Mausoleum, and Astel Naturalborn of the Void, have been instructed up to this point. TheChondroCompany also has plans to document their process with videos that will be uploaded to YouTube in the near future.

At this point, we have witnessed quite a few various kinds of bodily crafts that have been produced in the Elden Ring neighborhood. In the month of July, a home made dishware company created an Iron Fist Alexander mug, putting a pleasant spin on the spherical type that is used for the Living Jar. However, the majority of fan creations have been generated by the gameplay itself. Mods are the most useful instance type that can be provided. As a result of the mod scene, the game's difficulty level has been increased, new classes have been introduced, and even popular media characters like Thomas the Tank Engine have figured out how to play The Lands Between. As time goes on, you can anticipate significantly more works created by fans.